The dirty bomb bursts with piercing nails,

Each little metal a missile of slaughter.

Parts that are made to fasten and fix,

Tear through the night, unbolt and dismantle.


The dirty bomb flares an abhorrent blaze,

Kindles an arena, extinguishes souls.

The blackest of lights bathes a room,

Spills into streets and around the world.


The dirty bomb discriminates, goes for our young,

Bull’s-eyes the innocent, our sons and daughters.

Denial for the chords that rang and pled,

One Last Time, One Last Time.


The dirty bomb booms on deaf ears,

Unhearing blue flashes pierce its black.

Celestial glows of fluorescent jackets,

Stars for the fallen, wishes to be made.


The dirty bomb passes, leaving its pit,

The loved jailed to memory, a hand less to press.

A people rise in unison, a city, a nation,

To cradle the fallen and sing their songs.


The dirty bomb fizzles and fails,

Chaos re-ordered by Mancunian heart.

Beneath the blanket-night of one city,

The diverse mend the diverse.

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